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Rain Water Collection
Our rain water collection system includes seven 275 gal totes - close to 2,000 gallons of capacity. Four are shown here plumbed together with a fifth that is inside the shop. The other two are located near the gardens.

Gutter Filter
As rain collects into the gutters it is directed into this primary sediment filter which acts to remove leaves, sticks, and shingle rocks.

Filter and Pressure System
Water is pulled from the tanks through a finer sediment filter (left, black) before entering the pump. The pump moves the water into an 85 gal pressure tank (top, blue) and has a pressure switch to regulate the tank between 30 and 50 psi. We use the water for all outdoor needs including watering the garden and lawn, washing cars, power washing the house and driveway, and cleaning tools and shoes. We also installed an outdoor water basin which pulls from this system for washing paint brushes, small tools, and other items. I just did laundry in it to hand wash the cats bedding.

Lastly we also plumbed two of our toilets with water from this system. This water passes through a finer household filter (5 to 20 micron).(see right, blue top). We estimate an annual savings in water cost of about $300.

Upper Garden
This is our upper garden. You can see the water tank slightly elivated. We use our pump to supply the tank as needed and water is discharged from a nozzel in the bottom. We hook a garden hose to the tank and use it to water plants.

Lower Garden
This is our newer lower garden. This part of our lawn was not much to us as it was on a steep hill so when my neighbor had a bobcat sitting in his driveway one day, I borrowed it to level this garden plot. Later we got a great deal on some used landscape timbers and lined the wall.

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