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Todd and Barilyn Petersen Family Pedigree
Try out our pedigree page. You can click each name in the tree navigate around in history. Recently added are history documents tagged to the names identified by this document symbol.
PetersenLink is a website I found focused on the children of Pedar Nielsen/Kirsten Jensen of Gannebro Huse, Denmark including:
  • Maren Kirstine Pedersen (1838-1912)
  • Neils Petersen (1841 - 1902)
  • Ane Pedersen (1844 - 1910)
  • Jens Pedersen (1848 - 1924)
  • Marie Pedersen (1850 - 1910)
  • Lars Petersen (1853 - 1932)
  • Anders Pedersen (1855 - 1925)
  • Christian Pedersen (1860 - 1930)

Inez Snow

Inez Snow Moody

James Godson Bleak

Erastus Fairbanks Snow

Joseph Smith Snow

Jane Percilla Thompson Bleak

Julia Josephine Spencer Snow

Levi Snow

Lucina Streeter Snow

Mathias Freeman Spencer

Amelia Brown Spencer

Olive Thompson Bleak Snow

Joseph Lewis Thompson

Penelope Thompson Thompson
Milton Ward Moody

Milton Ward Moody

William Cresfield Moody

Mahonri Moriancumer Bishop

Cynthia Elizabeth Damron Moody

John Wyatt Moody

Mary Amanda Gibbs Bishop

Mary (Polly) Baldwin

Nellie Eliza Bishop Moody

Sarah Elizabeth Shultz Damron

William Henry Bishop

Eliza Pratt Bishop

William Gibbs

Eliza Dana Gibbs

Sylvanus Bishop

Huldah Root Dana

Milton Moody
Pioneer Trail Excerpts

James Godsen Bleak

Preparing Early Revelations for Publication