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Ethan Joseph Petersen has arrived!
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Ethan Joseph Petersen was born on May 22, 2003 at 9:53 P.M. He weighed in at 7 lb. 12 oz. and is a strapping young lad. His strengths include eating and sleeping which is a big plus for his parents and older sisters.

Cecilee, Chloe, Ethan

Cecilee and Chloe visit Mom and Ethan in the hospital. They see their new brother for the first time and get a chance to hold him.

Barilyn, Todd, Ethan

Barilyn made it through, but it wasn't easy. Delivering Ethan in 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital created a unique experience. Ethan didn't wait for the doctor nor the anesthesiologist and nearly came before a room was ready. He was delivered by a nurse who was trying to insert an IV with one hand while catching Ethan with the other.

Elise, Chloe, Ethan

Elise and Chloe get Ethan comfortable in his new surroundings after Mom and Ethan are home from the hospital.

Ethan finally gets some rest --
Looking at this picture closely one might conclude Ethan has 6 toes on his left foot --whoa! We have only found 5.

Grandpa and Grandma Brown, Elise, Cecilee, Chloe, Ethan

Because the delivery occurred so quickly, Ethan was required to stay at the hospital 48 hours. At the end of that time he and Mom were escorted home by an entourage of sisters and grandparents.

Grandma Brown completed a 6-week stay to help Barilyn during the last few weeks to prevent a premature delivery. At the end of the stay she was joined by Grandpa to see the baby, help Todd on a home building project, and to get Grandma back home. Mission accomplished!

Ethan at home

It dosen't get any better than this!