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Home Damage

Storm Damage Photos
On Aug 2, 2008, we had a storm pass through Kennesaw and it produced just enough wind to cause one of the neighbor's trees to fall and just reach the corner of our recently completed addition. This page shows some of the photos.

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Gutter and Roof Damage
The tree punctured clear through the roof and ceiling near the edge of the house and I counted 4 other places where branches pierced the roof.

This was a large tree which I would estimate at about 30 to 40 inches in diameter at the trunk. We were fortunate that only the top branches were able to reach the house.

House Overview
This picture was taken from standing midway up the tree trunk. You can see most of the house damage including a branch still lodged in the roof close to the top.

House Eve and Soffit Damage
These next two pictures highlight the damage to the exterier eve and soffit with some light damage to the siding.

Some Siding Scarring
Just below that window is our new air conditioning unit which was missed as were the windows.

Hole and Water Damage
We now have a fairly large hole in the ceiling and some water damage, but for the most part we acted quickly to keep the damage to a minimum by stuffing towels in the hole until the rain stopped.

What a Mess
We have since cleaned up the mess as shown in the next picture.

Family Night
Our traditional Monday Family Night came two days early as everyone pitched in to remove debris, vaccume, and shake and wash towels. We also secured the roof with a tarp.

Drywall, Insulation, and Electrical Damage
Lastly this picture shows more extensive damage to drywall which has pulled away from the ceiling trusses. The electrical light tray has become dislodged. This buckling is either due to the shock of the tree or is caused by expanding insulation from moisture. Most likely both have contributed.